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These 6 industries Use Flexible Conveyors to Improve Efficiency.

Loading and Unloading Conveyors - DF Machinery
Type 1. Loading & Unloading Conveyors. For more than ten years, DF machinery has been committed to the development of conveyor system. Whether you are a wholesale business to business distributor or a general merchandise distributor, we all know that you have your own supply chain challenges. Our company’s roller conveyor allows customers to increase the efficiency of more than 80% in the loading and unloading process.
Conveyor Systems for E-Commerce - DF Machinery
Type 2. Conveyor Systems for E-Commerce. With the development of online shopping trend, we have customized and developed e-commerce special goods delivery equipment for Suning e-commerce. And a lot of Taobao merchants also use our products to improve the cost-effectiveness.
Parcel Conveyor Systems - DF Machinery
Type 3. Parcel Conveyor Systems. Parcels and postal locations play a crucial role in today’s parcel processing. Goods leaving distribution centers or e-commerce facilities usually pass through these locations on their way to their final destinations. Due to the convenience of our professional flexible roller conveyor, the northwest Storage Department of China Post became a partner with us in 2016.
Retail Store and Distribution Center Conveyor Solutions - DF Machinery
Type 4. Retail Store & Distribution Center Conveyor Solutions. Our customers include large box stores, department stores, large clothing retailers, chain stores, grocery stores and supermarkets. These retailers receive regular truck transportation and form a good cooperation with our skate wheel conveyor.
Third-Party Logistics Conveyor Solutions - DF Machinery
Type 5. Third-Party Logistics Conveyor Solutions. The development of e-commerce has led to the rapid development of the third party logistics industry. Third party logistics needs to pick up, store, package and transport packages more quickly, accurately and economically. In 2019, SF express will become our customer. We supply ribbed drive belt roller conveyor for almost every sub packing warehouse.
Manufacturing Packaging Conveyor Solutions - DF Machinery
Type 6. Manufacturing Packaging Conveyor Solutions. Because of the rising cost of land, large factories and professional manufacturers need to make better use of the factory space. The flexible conveyor has become one of the devices entrepreneurs are considering to use to expand their production. China’s Nanjing Automotive Group and Wen’s food group and other listed companies are one of our customers.