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Truck Loading Conveyor

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Model No.: DF-TLC 500 / 2500

Truck Loading Conveyor, L: 19.6″-39.3″ / 98.4″-157.4

Truck loading conveyor is used to transport the goods upward. It has good skid resistance and lifting strength. It is often used in loading and unloading platforms, warehouses, docks, shopping malls and other scenes. It plays an important role in the scene of integrated transmission line, as a compensation for the lifting function of roller conveyor for heavy-duty goods.

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Truck Loading Conveyor - DF Machinery
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Sections of truck loading conveyor: two-section, three-section, and four-section.

The width of the conveyor belt: 600mm, 800mm.

The conveying speed can be selected: fixed speed or variable speed.

The conveying direction can be selected: one-way or two-way conveying materials. The conveyor is in use (extended) and not used (retracted) in two states.

Conveying inclination can be selected: horizontal, fixed elevation or automatic lifting.

The base of the fixed section of the conveyor loading machine can be selected: fixed or mobile.

Conveying speed: 30 m/min.


1. The truck loading conveyor is based on the ordinary belt conveyor with a telescopic device, so that the conveyor can be expanded on the extension of the main work platform.

2. Users can adjust the facilities according to their own requirements and adjust the length of the conveyor at any time. Equipped with a lifting device at the base of the main body, the user can also adjust the elevation angle of the working platform of the conveyor loader at any time, which can better dock various types of vehicles.

3. The conveyor loading machine can be used alone for two-way conveying.

4. It can also be organically integrated with hoists, roller conveyors, fixed belt conveyors, production assembly lines and other equipment to form a solid automated conveying system for efficient operation.

5. Conveyor loading machines are generally used in logistics, ports, docks, stations, airports, warehouses, mining, post and telecommunications, electrical appliances, light industry, food, tobacco and other industries to complete the transfer, loading and unloading of goods.

6. Greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce the damage rate of goods, and efficiently dock various transportation vehicles.

7. It is an indispensable tool for modern enterprises to reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

Truck Loading Conveyor General Set

Truck Loading Conveyor Heavy-duty

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